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Why Give To KNKX?

Simply put, listener support is at the heart of all we do at KNKX. You and your community depend on KNKX for trusted, in-depth local news coverage, jazz and blues presented by knowledgeable and passionate hosts, and enlightening NPR programs you look forward to every day. We depend on our community of listeners for more than half of the financial support needed to keep these irreplaceable voices alive on KNKX. By making a contribution, you support this important community service and our mission to inform, educate, and entertain the public with music and stories that move, inspire, and expand horizons.

Our Budget

Every year, programming costs make up the largest portion of KNKX‘s budget. From the fees paid for NPR mainstays, such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Jazz Night in America, to our own internal production costs for local news stories, to licensing fees for the jazz and blues you love, listeners directly support what they hear on the air and see online. Like any business, KNKX also has administrative, infrastructure, and personnel costs required to maintain a healthy and well-functioning non-profit. We’re all here to make KNKX the best possible public media outlet, and listener support is critical in ensuring we have the resources to both maintain and enhance the public service we bring to your community.

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Other Ways To Help KNKX

There are more ways to give to KNKX than just a donation. Your time, services or daily shopping can help us flourish for years to come.

Leadership Circle

Major donors ensure that all listeners have access to KNKX's programming that informs and entertains.

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Employer Matching

Many companies and organizations will match dollar for dollar donation from employees who donate to non-profit organizations.

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Vehicle Donation

Donate a vehicle to the support of KNKX. We will retrieve the vehicle at no cost to you from your property!

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Amazon Smile

Support KNKX by shopping from Amazon. Purchases are elgible for a small donation to the station through the Amazon Smile program.

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Planned Giving

Donating a portion of your will is not only a great idea, but will allow future generations to hear and see the gift of public media.

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Stock & Securities

Donating stock is an easy and tax-smart way to fund KNKX's mission to educate and entertain listeners.

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Donate some of your time and skills to the operation of KNKX.

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Fred Meyer Community

Support KNKX while buying groceries and more from Fred Meyer.

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