Woman chasing ducks on I-5 causes crash

Jul 13, 2011

The Washington State Patrol says a woman who stopped her car along Interstate 5 and tried to corral a family of ducks and ducklings caused a multi-vehicle accident that disrupted southbound traffic for nearly three hours.

Trooper Keith Leary says no people were hurt Tuesday night although the collision involved a jackknifed tractor-trailer rig and two passenger cars, including the duck lover's vehicle. He says at least two ducks were killed.

Leary says he doesn't know how many ducks there were.

The trooper says the traffic backup in the Lynnwood area north of Seattle extended several miles at its worst with all southbound lanes except the carpool lane closed.

Leary says, "As much as we all love animals, citizens should not stop and attempt to corral animals on the freeway." He says the woman might face a disorderly conduct charge.

He did not identify her.