Washington's monthly jobs report 'baffling'

Originally published on March 5, 2013 11:05 am

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The latest jobs report from Washington state Wednesday is sending mixed signals. The statewide unemployment rate for September fell to 9.1 percent, down from 9.3 percent in August.

But at the same time, a survey of business payrolls shows steep month-over-month job losses.

On a conference call with reporters, Washington's chief labor economist Dave Wallace said the numbers need more corroboration to discern any trend.

"You know, it's confusing. It’s baffling," Wallace said. "It's something we're going to continue looking at."

In September, Wallace says the public sector once again led the way in shedding jobs. A lot of teachers not rehired at the start of the school year were recorded on the unemployment rolls. On the up side, the aerospace manufacturing sector is adding workers.

Tuesday, Oregon's Employment Department said joblessness in that state held steady at 9.6 percent in September.

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