Washington pot initiative gets cash boost

Nov 1, 2011

A campaign to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Washington state is getting a big cash boost with two months left to collect signatures.

Campaign director Alison Holcomb says her group New Approach Washington received a check for $100,000 Tuesday from philanthropist Harriet Bullitt.

By the end of next week it expects to have $200,000 more from Progressive Insurance Co. Chairman Peter Lewis, who has already given $50,000.

Initiative 502 would legalize up to an ounce of dried marijuana, and pot would be sold and taxed at state-licensed stores.

Holcomb says the campaign has collected about 180,000 signatures. It must collect 241,000 valid signatures by the end of this year to send the initiative to the Legislature, which can pass it or allow it to go to a public vote.