WAC commissioner says conference is in transition but rebuilding

Sep 5, 2011

Western Athletic Conference Commissioner Karl Benson says the conference is in transition but is rebuilding, after losing Boise State and other conference members.

Benson was in Moscow, Idaho last week for the football game between the University of Idaho and Bowling Green. He said that the WAC is in transition, with Fresno State, Hawaii, and Nevada this year following Boise State out of the conference.

"This isn't the first time we've had to go through this kind of rebuilding," Benson said. "But every time that we have, there’s been a school that has kind of stepped up and performed."

Benson said the five remaining schools, including Idaho, provide a good foundation, and that the WAC is adding other schools, including Seattle University, to the conference, under a new business model that includes non-football schools.

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