Top TV theme songs, aka 'Boob Tube Pop'

Jan 20, 2011

You can name a few, we're sure: TV theme songs that topped the pop charts. 

Here's a little quiz, based on this week's Record Bin Roulette. Name the show (and theme song) from the clue provided (answers at bottom of the post!):

  1. Johnny Rivers sang it all the way to #3
  2. Don Diego de la Vega was the lead character's name
  3. Theme song with one word, repeated over and over...
  4. The Sweathogs had him
  5. Unofficial University of Hawaii fight song

Before we get to the answers,'s Stephanie Lee compiled her own list of 15 popular boob tube themes  not too long ago, landing on the Theme to Mission Impossible (composed by Lalo Schifrin) as the best:

You could be running from a serial killer, searching for a rare book in the library, or even snooping around a rich guy's property for a stolen dolphin. It doesn't matter -- this theme is impossibly good. 

Here it is, in living color:


Answers to the Quiz

See how well you've done:

  1. Secret Agent (song title: Secret Agent Man)
  2. Zorro
  3. Batman
  4. Welcome Back, Kotter
  5. Hawaii Five-O

So what did we leave out? Let us know your favorites, or at least the ones you can't get out of your head!