A Tip of the Hat to these Songs About Hats

Oct 4, 2012

This is how Record Bin Roulette LOOKS in VIDEO !

This week the Record Bin Roulette Wheel randomly stopped on the category “Hats”. We rarely question The Wheel’s judgment, but we must admit we were a little worried The Wheel might be spinning eccentrically.

But then, in our vast Record Bins, we found these singing stars who would be nothing without their iconic hats. In the 1940’s Carmen Miranda became one of the highest paid performers in the world, and she did it with the help of hats. This completely over-the-top Busby Berkeley production from 1943 features her singing “The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat”:

Fred Astaire wore a topper for much of his film career and made excellent use of it in this 1935 film with “Top Hat, White Tie and Tails”:

Hats helped SsGT Barry Sadler reach the charts in 1966 with his “Ballad of the Green Beret”. This is possibly the most boring music video ever made: