Test scores go up in Oregon - along with stakes for high school

Aug 29, 2011

Results from earlier this summer showed fewer Oregon students met federal benchmarks last year, than at any time since Congress passed the No Child Left Behind act.

Now, more detailed test results demonstrate what officials claimed at the time: that students were improving at Reading and Math – but that fewer students were passing because the required minimum score went up.

The new test results show double-digit gains on many measures, especially in high school.

But the improvement isn't enough for some. Oregon high school seniors need to pass the state Reading test – or an equivalent test – in order to receive a standard state diploma in 2012.

Nearly 17 percent of Oregon high schoolers failed the Reading test last year. Success rates vary from district to district. Portland, Parkrose and David Douglas did worse than the state as a whole. Eugene and Beaverton fared a little better.