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Sports: Sound Effect, Episode 114

Aug 19, 2017

This week on Sound Effect, we share stories from people who have had sports affect their lives in different ways. 

Peru’s First Winter Olympian

Roberto Carcelen was the first Peruvian to ever compete in the Winter Olympics. But just ten days before his second Winter Olympics, the cross-country skier fell while practicing, suffering major injuries. He decided to ski anyway, and inspired a country in the process. 

Medicine Game

Normally you might picture lacrosse happening at elite schools, played by kids whose parents drive fancy German cars. But lacrosse was actually created by Native Americans & First Nations people centuries ago. A group of Seattle area Native American parents were inspired by this. Wanting their children to have a joyous connection to their roots, they started their own lacrosse team.

Ammon Walker

Gabriel Spitzer speaks with Aaron D’Errico from Friday Harbor about how is dream of becoming a professional soccer player, like his father, wasn't possible due to his medical condition. D’Errico has cerebral palsy, which makes him physically unable to participate in the sport. His original aspirations for soccer stardom catalyzed the creation of a comic about a soccer-playing superhero that shares his same condition.

A Wounded Seahawk

Professional football is one of the most dangerous and popular sports in America. Former Seahawk player Ricardo Lockette talks about the injury that almost killed him on the field. 

Hockey Labor Rules

Sports have such a powerful hold on our culture that lawmakers are often willing to take extraordinary steps to keep teams and fans happy. Even the U.S. Supreme Court exempted pro baseball from antitrust laws way back in 1922. Here in Washington State, we have our own exception to the rule when it comes to sports. KPLU’s Ashley Gross digs into the exceptions made for the Western Hockey League.

An Unexpected Year Of Hoops

Lane Czaplinski didn’t see himself playing basketball for a powerhouse college team. But his senior year at the University of Kansas, that’s exactly what happened, and with some unexpected twists that created a path to his future — in the arts.

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