Snow forecast for parts of Washington

Feb 28, 2012

A winter storm is bringing another shot of snow to parts of Washington.

The National Weather Service says a Pacific frontal system will hit the coast and northwest interior Tuesday with gusty winds and rain in most of Western Washington.

Forecasters expect 6 to 9 inches snow in the Cascades Tuesday night. Traces of snow are possible in parts of Western Washington with 2 inches or more snow possible in the Hood Canal area.

KPLU Weather expert Cliff Mass reports for today and Wednesday: "LOTS of snow over the Olympics and its SE side, particularly the second day.  Big snow dumps over the Cascades.   Even the lowlands could see a few snow bursts during heavier precipitation bands....but it probably won't be much.

Forecasters also expect 1 to 4 inches of snow in much of Eastern Washington through early Wednesday from the east slopes of the Cascades through valleys, as moist air collides with entrenched cold air.