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Slime Time: A Guide To Finding Joy In Chaos

Jul 29, 2017

This segment originally aired March 4, 2017.

Seated in a bucket, ears plugged, grinning through the cascade of green, oozy chaos, fourth-grade Lizzie Nielson lived a Nickelodeon fan’s dream.

“I have all the paperwork in order to suggest that I was slimed,” says Nielson.


She does, in both photographic and certificate form, lest anyone doubt this point of pride.


The children's television network Nickelodeon is famous for sliming everyone, from kids to celebrities, with a waterfall of thick, green, plastic-smelling goo.

Nielson jumped out of her seat when employees on a Nickelodeon tour asked for volunteers.  Only after they picked her did they say, to her mother’s visible shock and Nielson’s elation, that she had volunteered for a sliming.

Sound Effect host Jennifer Wing spoke with Nielson about her messy experience, which she related to a greater human desire for a break from order.