Seattle zoo's grizzly bear brothers are back online

Aug 1, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo’s 17-year-old grizzly bear brothers Keema and Denali can be watched live online 24/7 through the zoo’s partnership with Ustream, an internet live streaming service.

(You can also watch the video inside)

Streaming by Ustream

In a press release, the zoo said Keema and Denali can be seen foraging for food, fishing for live trout, and exploring the stimulating sights and smells in the zoo’s Northern Trail exhibit. (Of course they are not always in front of the camera.)

Approximately 675 pounds each in their trim summer months, the brothers can weigh up to 950 pounds each when they put on weight for their more dormant winter months.

“The return of the Bear Cam opens a window on the wonders of wildlife,” said zoo curator Dr. Jennifer Pramuk. “We hope that it will not only attract local viewers who want to keep up with Keema and Denali in between zoo visits, but also viewers across the globe, many of whom may not otherwise have the opportunity to connect with such powerful wildlife ambassadors.”

To celebrate the re-launch, the zoo said keepers will present the bears with piñatas filled with a special enrichment treat – coffee grounds – Wednesday at 11:15 a.m. The coffee treat, donated by Caffé Vita, is part of the zoo’s ongoing “enrichment program to stimulate the senses and encourage instinctual behaviors in the zoo’s animals.”

The zoo said viewers can also choose to join in on the active social stream and chat room with other Bear Cam fans while tuning in at, which is also available whenever connected to Ustream on mobile devices, Internet connected TVs, Google TV and Boxee.