Seattle gets drastic on plastic

Jun 27, 2012

Seattle's ban on (some) plastic bags starts July 1st. Seattleites will still be able to get paper bags at the checkout at a nickel a shot for the big ones.  Or do what any smart KPLU'er would –

Use the Amazing KPLU Turbo Tote Bag!

But wait – there's more.  In this week's Food for Thought, Nancy Leson swears by the virtues of PCC's shoulder-strap model.  And of course, there's hardly an organization around these days which doesn't offer its own shopping bag.

Full disclosure: I live in Tacoma which so far as I know has no plans to ban plastic bags.  Still I don't think the transition is going to be all that big a deal.  I'm already using my own most of the time.  And when the new reminder app for the KPLU talking tote becomes available it'll never let me forget it again.

Sure, I like that supermarket plastic for cat box dipping but, since I do wear a big hat, I don't think that's going to be an insurmountable problem.   Still, there are some uses for which only a plastic bag will serve...

"For six years I kept my five Olympic medals wrapped in a plastic bread bag beneath my bed."

– Mary Lou Retton