Seattle crew behind "I Can Has Cheezburger" gets a TV show

Oct 30, 2012

The funny people behind the web site I Can Has Cheezburger – known for its silly cat pictures – are getting their own TV show.

The Seattle company has conquered the Internet with its goofball pictures of cats saying stuff in broken cat English. The company called Cheezburger runs a network of humor web sites that solicit pictures and content from users.

The new TV show on Bravo is called LOLWork. LOL is Internet shorthand for laugh out loud. The show takes people behind the scenes to watch the creative process, everything from figuring out whether a dead cat can ever be funny (consensus: no) to picking cat pictures for their Hall of Fame (winner: a wet kitten saying, "U has betraid my tiny trust").

Cheezburger founder Ben Huh sat down for an interview with KPLU’s Jennifer Wing three years ago, and she asked him whether he thinks TV is an outdated medium. He said he admires TV for its reach and power.

"What I think is missing is that even though they’re incredibly talented people, it is in the hands of too few," Huh said. "I think it would be amazing poetic justice to take something born of the Internet by the Internet users and put it back on television to reaffect popular culture."

Now, he’s getting that chance. LOLWork debuts on Bravo next Wednesday night.