Same-Sex Couple Files Complaint in Oregon Bakery Case

Aug 14, 2013

The state of Oregon will look into whether a bakery discriminated against a gay couple by refusing to make a cake for their wedding ceremony.

On Wednesday, the Bureau of Labor and Industries announced the investigation, which comes in response to a complaint filed by two women who say a Gresham bakery cited religious reasons for turning them down.

Melissa Klein, who owns Sweet Cakes bakery with her husband, says she stands by her decision.

"I've given it to God. It's just with my beliefs, I feel it's in his hands. Whatever the outcome will be the outcome. I'm ready for it either way,” Kleins aid.

The women who filed the complaint declined comment through an attorney.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has up to a year to investigate. Penalties could include a fine or mandatory training.

A 2007 Oregon law bans discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation.