The safe way to trash your TV

Jan 12, 2011

Washington's electronics recycling program has collected 78,000,000 pounds of e-waste in its first two years. Put in perspective, that's roughly the same weight as Maine's lobster catch or US black bean exports to Mexico! The state Department of Ecology says the amount of e-waste recycled each year amounts to 5.8 pounds per person.  Old TVs account for 61% of the waste.

The E-Cycle program is funded by electronics manufacturers and is free-of-charge to consumers.  It was created by the Legislature in 2006 and began operating two years ago.

Why recycle rather than toss it in a landfill?  Electronic devices contain toxic metals which are harmful to people and the environment.

If you need to get rid of an outdated computer, TV or other gadget, you can find an e-cycling center at