Ready, set, walk!

Apr 6, 2011

How about going out for a stroll? Today is National Start Walking Day.  The American Heart Association, which sponsors the day,  says taking just 10 minutes three times a day to walk will help you live longer.

Several hundred people turned out at Seattle city hall to kick off Start Walking Day by taking a 30 minute walk around downtown. Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Executive Dow Constantine led the way.

Among those making the trek were several nurses from University of Washington-Bothell. Robert Abutin said he wants to raise awareness about the health benefits of walking.

"Walking really is the best medicine," he said.

Abutin and Robert Kasivante, who work at a hospital, say they see what happens to people who don't walk enough.

If you need some motivation to get off the couch or out of the car, here's a little music to inspire you.