Protips: 3 Things to Remember When Voting

Oct 25, 2013

Some advice from Sherril Huff, the director of King County's Department of Elections:

Protip No. 1: "Make sure you look at both sides because often, people think it’s all on the front side of the ballot.” In busy election years, some races and questions get printed on the back of the ballot. Use only black ink.

Protip No. 2: “When you put your ballot into the return envelope, sign the envelope.” Huff says your signature is how elections officials verify that it’s you. In fact, when you register, they keep your signature on file and can compare it to the one on the envelope, which brings us to ...

Protip No. 3: “So, in a lot of cases, where people have been registered for many many years, we recommend that they update their signature.” Call your county voter registration office to see if this is something you should do.

Bonus Protip: If your vote is challenged, Huff says get back to election officials quickly, so your ballot can be counted.

Want more advice? Check out this guide from King County.