Possible albino killer whale spotted off Russian coast

Apr 23, 2012

An all-white orca has been spotted by scientists during a research cruise off the eastern coast of Russia, near the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Commander Islands in the North Pacific, reports ABC news. The scientists have named the orca Iceberg.

“It is a breathtakingly beautiful animal,” Eric Hoyt, one of the scientists, told the AFP. “If we can get a full close-up of the eyes and they are pink, it would confirm Iceberg is an albino, but we don’t know much about albinism in orcas.”

The scientists believe it is the first all-white adult killer whale to be documented in the wild.

The orca appears to be healthy and interacting normally with the other nearly one dozen whales in its pod, according to Hoyt.

“We know that these fish-eating orcas stay with their mothers for life, and as far as we can see he’s right behind his mother with presumably his brothers next to him,” he told the BBC.