Is the Northwest stranger than elsewhere? New comedy show has us wondering

Jan 31, 2012

Portland put its odd side on display last January with the debut of Portlandia. Now, several residents here are responding with a show of Seattle's stranger side. And, in typical Seattle fashion, it's online and called Local Brew.

'Seattle's online comedy show'

With a Rainier beer can in hand, Local Brew calls itself 'Seattle's online comedy show.' Each episode runs as a playlist of short YouTube videos. The total length of each episode is only about 10 minutes and the first episode aired on January 25th. New episodes come out every other Wednesday.

Local actor Ross Asdourian hosts the show with short segments demonstrating some of Seattle's oddities. The pilot episode features a movie trailer for Seattle's "Snowmageddon," complete with a man in shorts carrying groceries. It also begins to answer the question whether that man you just saw on the street is homeless or a hipster. 

And finally, Local Brew does a comical (and slightly risque) remake of a Cavalia commercial.

Crosscut did a short review of the first episode and generally gave it positive praise, saying, "It's gentler and less queasy-making than Portlandia, with a lighter and, in a way, more purely local touch."

Northwest no stranger to strange scenes

The Pacific Northwest seems to be used to being a little different. Pemco Insurance made an entire advertising campaign centered around the "People of the Northwest," with all the profiles laid out on one website.

In fact, people in the Northwest appear to celebrate their own style, as seen by a recent blog post that made its way around the internet. The article gave numerous reasons why Seattle was better than any other hometown, including a Starbucks in a church and our "Ski Patrol complexions."

Heck, Washington even has a book dedicated to pointing out the locations of weird things in the state. It's called "Weird Washington: Your Travel Guide to Washington's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets." The Seattle PI interviewed the authors, who gave several reasons why Washington is so weird, from our travels on the Oregon Trail to UFOs.

So, are we stranger than most?

The question is up for debate. However, the recent Snowmaggedon certainly brought out a few oddities. And we can't forget that just this past Sunday, a woman was married to a 107 year-old building in Seattle.