Nancy Erickson's Teaching And Living The Life Of A Jazz Singer

Feb 9, 2017

Singer Nancy Erickson recently received her masters in music education, but live in the knkx studios, she was anything but a reserved academic. She told us about singing in her early days, taking time off to raise a family, and a return to form inspired by audiences in a Woodinville club that led her back to a life in jazz. Thanks, Woodinville!

Starting her session with her own tune, "New Years Eve" - a song written for her parents' anniversary transformed into jazzy pop magic - then into Duke Ellington's beautiful and challenging "Prelude to a Kiss".

As if we needed more proof of her talents, Nancy sang her "Whippoorwhill Song" to conclude her session. As a loyal collaborator rather than iron-fisted leader, our guest gave ample room for her supporting quartet: Alexey Nikolaev on sax, Randy Halberstadt at the piano, Clipper Anderson and Mark Ivester played bass and drums.