Muslim-American Communities Rally, Urge Senate To Pass Dream Act

Jan 20, 2014

More than 500 members of Washington’s Muslim-American community marched at the state Capitol Monday to urge senators to pass the Dream Act.

The rally in support of the bill, which would make undocumented students eligible for financial aid, also marked the fifth annual Muslim Lobby Day.

Among those gathered was Qasim Hatem, a scholar of Islam who teaches immigrants and their children.

"If there is anyway to help them receive financial aid or subsides for college and universities to get an education here even if they are undocumented, then that’s something I think we should all work to achieve,” Hatem said.

The Democratically-controlled Washington House approved the Dream Act on the first day of the Legislative session. It’s not clear whether it has enough support in the state Senate, which is run by a mostly Republican coalition caucus. The Dream Act failed last year.