More of the mysterious Mima Mounds slated for protection

Jan 24, 2012

The Mima Mounds Natural Area, southwest of Olympia, may soon get bigger.

Not the tell-tale mounds themselves – the part of the the geologically unique landscape that’s protected by the state. Right now, the Department of Natural Resources manages just over 600 acres of it. A private party is donating 100 more to the preserve.

The DNR’s Birdie Davenport is in charge of a public hearing on the proposal.

“The most significant changes that we’ll do is control of invasive species control and that’s control of scotch broom…there is a fair amount of scotch broom, but also fine native species on the property,” she said.

She’s describing wildflowers that splash the protected areas of the mounded hillside with color in the spring and summer months.

The land also includes some oak trees and a portion of Mima Creek, which Coho salmon pass through.

The hearing takes place at Little Rock Fire Station in rural Thurston County.