A Merry Christmas for technology?

Oct 25, 2011

Strategic News Service publisher Mark Anderson is predicting the technology sector will end the year on a relatively high note. But, as he tells KPLU's Dave Meyer on The Digital Future, he's worried about the first quarter of 2012.

It's more about units than dollars

The tech sector will be selling a lot of products, but they won't be big ticket items like desktop computers. Less expensive items such as smartphones and tablets will be best sellers.

Good times for Apple and Amazon

Apple virtually owns the tablet market with its iPad 2. And the iPhone 4s, while not the iPhone 5 many had hoped for, is wildly popular.

Amazon's new color Kindle, the Fire, should be a big hit, but don't expect it to directly compete with the iPad. If you already own an iPad, there's no real incentive to buy a Fire. But for those who want a good e-book reader without shelling out the big bucks for an iPad, it should be a hit.

Don't worry about Q4; worry about Q1

Mark sees too many problems with broken financial and political systems, both at home and abroad. 2011 may end well, but 2012 will get off to a rocky start. The global economic recovery remains elusive.

The Digital Future” is a monthly interview with technology expert Mark Anderson covering the online world and all things digital. The feature is published here on the last Tuesday of every month and airs on KPLU 88.5 during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.