Meet The Woman Who Helps Detect The Biases In Most All Of Us

Oct 7, 2017

So, there’s this online test. The faces of people of different races flash up on your screen along with words, like good, bad, sweet and bitter. And you have to immediately click on one of the words when you see the face. It tests our implicit racial biases in a way that’s really hard to fool.

The results can be enlightening. Or horrifying, because it turns out almost all of us have implicit bias.

Dr. Caprice Hollins teaches workshops that help people confront their prejudices, even when they’ve been unaware of them. And that’s something Hollins understands. She says her own family is so diverse, she always figured she couldn’t be biased.

But as an adult, Hollins began to see herself differently. She discovered that even she harbors biases, and that led to a lifelong commitment to being honest about her baggage, and helping other people do the same.