McKenna supports parental consent for abortion

Jun 10, 2011

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington's first official candidate for governor in 2012 says he supports a parental consent requirement for abortion. Republican Rob McKenna weighed in on several hot button social issues in an interview Thursday.

On gay rights, McKenna says he supports existing domestic partnerships, but doesn't think the public is ready for gay marriage.

He describes the death penalty as costly and not a deterrent. Nonetheless, the two-term attorney general says execution is an appropriate punishment for "the most heinous" offenses.

When it comes to abortion, McKenna says Washington voters have firmly established the "basic right to choose." But he does support the idea of requiring parental permission before a teenage girl gets an abortion.

"I'm like a lot of parents," McKenna said. "When your daughter turns 13 and the mom is kicked out of the examining room for anything related to reproductive health it’s troubling for a lot of parents."

Groups like NARAL Pro Choice Washington say requirements to involve parents could endanger some minors who are victims of physical or emotional abuse at home or even incest.

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