A little narcissism goes a long way

Dec 23, 2010

Anybody have a mirror? John Maynard and John Kessler are checking out songs reflecting narcissism on this week's Record Bin Roulette.

Episode 98 finds the roulette wheel landing on a personality trait that, in its more extreme form, is considered a personality disorder, as noted in clinical definitions.

(Listen to this week's Record Bin Roulette by clicking on the audio 'play' arrow above)

The two Johns roam through their long hallway of vintage vinyl and come up with some familiar nods to the narcissist, weaving together a Carly Simon smash hit, Snow White's nemesis, a dictator or two and Right Said Fred.

The musical question this week: is there a narcissist's conundrum? Muddy Waters might have the answer. You'll know when you listen to this week's program!