Labor Day Marks Peak Season For Northwest-Grown Watermelons

PASCO, WA (N3) -

"My name is Rochelle Walchli, and we have Hermiston Melon Company out of Hermiston, Ore. The easiest and best way is to pick the melon up and hold it in your hand and use the flat of your hand and cup the melon and tap it. If you feel a vibration all the way through the melon and not a thud, then that's a solid melon."

SOUND: Tap, tap, thud

"Hear the difference? The higher pitched melon is going to be a solid melon, once you cut it, it will be a perfect cut."

SOUND: Tap, tap, thud

SOUND: Crack

  "This is the best part of the watermelon, it's called the heart. Definitely the best part."

SOUND: Slurp


Rochelle Walchli: "Hi there, how are you? How can I help ya?"


Rochelle Walchi of Hermiston, Ore. sells her family's watermelons at farmers markets across the Northwest. She regularly teaches customers how to thump melons and pick a good one.