Judge Nixes Signatures from SeaTac Living Wage Measure

Aug 27, 2013

A King County Superior judge has thrown out a few dozen signatures for an initiative that would bring up the minimum wage in SeaTac, Wash., to $15 an hour.

But the group behind the initiative has submitted another 250 signatures to replace the ones thrown out.

The group—Yes! For SeaTac—says the judge ruled that SeaTac Proposition 1 was 17 signatures short of the required threshold to put the initiative on the city ballot. Group spokeswoman Heather Weiner says the judge threw out some duplicate signatures.

Weinert told KPLU the group plans to appeal the judge's decision.

“For example, if I sign the petition twice, because I’m not sure—'Did I sign it already? Maybe I want to make sure I signed it'—then both of my signatures are thrown out, not just one,” she said.  

The union-backed SeaTac initiative is opposed by various business groups, which have channeled nearly $250,000 to fight the campaign.

The state of Washington has one of the highest minimum wages in the nation at $9.19 an hour.

A decision must be made before Sept. 6 when King County goes to press with its ballot.