How Ms. Leson Likes Her Rollin' Done

Oct 23, 2013

Betwen us, Nancy Leson and I probably have a greater number of rolling pins than we have pin numbers. I've got about seven of 'em rattling around in my rolling pin drawer. Leson stopped counting at well past that. But these days, pretty much the only one I use I cannibalized from a broom.

It's just a 5-inch section I sawed off of a broom handle. I use it for rolling out potsticker wrappers, and it works great.  

For her wrappers, Fancy Nancy picked up a beautiful cherrywood job back east. Must have been the year of the Great East Coast Broom Shortage.

Nancy claims to have learned about pins and pies from pie maven Kate McDermott. Judging from her pie crust, I'd say she's learned well. Here's how she creates that crust. (And for the complete story on her pins...)

Rolling pins loom large in old time comic strips like Jiggs & Maggie. As you can see, Maggie ran a tight ship, but I don't know that she was ever depicted actually rolling anything but Jiggs.

How 'bout around your house? Got a favorite pin? Post a pic down below.


Miranda: "Do you have a rolling pin?"

Carrie: "...are you kidding me?  I use my oven for storage."

-- From Sex and the City