Homeland Security teams up with Walmart

Dec 6, 2010

Next time you walk into a Walmart store, you might see the head of the U-S Department of Homeland Security.  Secretary Janet Napolitano has recorded video messages that are being aired inside Walmart stores in 27 states, including Washington.

Napolitano tells customers "if you see something suspicious in the parking lot or in the store to say something immediately."

The “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign began in New York City after the 9/11 attacks. Officials point out an alert public did make a difference there when a man attempted to bomb Times Square in May. 

Last summer Homeland Security brought the campaign to Amtrak trains and stations. Now, it's in Walmart stores.

Update: On December 8, the Department of Homeland Security will announce the expansion of the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign to approximately 9,000 federal buildings throughout the country.