Governor, Lawmakers Meet on Transportation

Oct 30, 2013

Gov. Jay Inslee has said he wants a transportation funding package on his desk by the Apple Cup at the end of November. Key lawmakers met with the Democratic governor Wednesday on this topic.

Afterward, Sen. Tracey Eide, co-chair of the Senate Tranportation Committee, was noncommittal when asked whether there will be a special session of the Legislature in November.

“Well, that’s what we’re here to find out and the agreement is that we’re all going to be moving forward, but at this point in time we’re not ready to make any suggestions or comments,” said Eide.

Eide was the only meeting participant to speak with Capitol reporters after the meeting. The others left out a back door.

Earlier this year, Washington House Democrats proposed an $8.4 billion roads and transit package. The mostly-Republican Senate majority says funding must be paired with a series of changes designed to bring down the cost of transportation projects in Washington.