This Gig Harbor Artist is Hollywood's Go-To Guy for Uncannily Lifelike Bugs

Sep 30, 2017

Owens feeds his fake cockroaches.
Credit Courtesy of Graham Owens / Film Flies

When Hollywood needs a housefly, they call Graham Owen. The head of the company Film Flies is a specialist when it comes to creating fake insects (and spiders and centipedes) used in movies, print ads and commercials. 


Owen has watched his creations appear in a Spider-Man movie, alight on the lip of Adam Sandler and even the star in a Breaking Bad episode. Each bug is meticulously recreated, leading to specimens so realistic that they have fooled real bugs into trying to mate with them.  

And when asked who else in the world creates insects as lifelike as he does, Graham says pretty confidently: No one.