Gerry Hadden covers his years as an NPR foreign correspondent

Dec 6, 2011

Any dedicated public radio listener has probably wondered what it's like to be a foreign correspondent for NPR. Reporter Gerry Hadden gives us a glimpse into that world in his memoir, Never the Hope Itself.

The book chronicles the years he covered Mexico, Central America and Haiti up until 2004. During that time, he came face-to-face with drug runners in Columbia, a bloody rebellion in Haiti and desperate Latino immigrants trying to cross the U.S. border.

Gerry was a familiar voice on KPLU before he went to Latin America for NPR. He hosted KPLU's Weekend Saturday Edition and also was KPLU's education reporter in the late 1990's. Since 2004, Gerry has been a European Correspondent for Public Radio International's The World. He lives in Barcelona with his partner, Anne, and their three children.