Forecast calls for sunshine with subtleties

Feb 3, 2012

Today’s forecast calls for sunshine, says KPLU’s weather scientist Cliff Mass. And, as scientists are bound to do, he also notes some interesting details not as obvious as the sun in the sky.

“We may have a lot of sunshine but there are a lot of subtleties going on in the next few days that are worth talking about,” Mass said.

But first the good news: Expect sun and warm afternoons through Tuesday. With a huge ridge over the region and high pressure to the east the offshore flow will keep the skies clear. However, (subtlety number one), the air high over us is warm and that will come mix with ground and warm things up to the upper 40s and mid-50s by afternoon.  

And, (subtlety number two), with clear skies heat escapes the Earth and we have cold nights. And those cold nights raise the potential for freezing fog, which as we all know makes for dangerous driving conditions.