Food For Thought Happy Hour: You Had To Be There

May 21, 2014

If you were one of many who joined Nancy Leson and me for our Food for Thought Happy Hour last week, you know what a blast we all had.

But if you just couldn't make it, here's a recap for you with sound and pictures.

Everyone, especially us, had a ball at the event which featured Seattle chefs Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita, the chef in the hat, Thierry Rauturau of Luc and now Loulay, and Large Seattle chef Tom Douglas of, well, pretty much every where else.  All were introduced to the music of Eric "Two Scoops" Moore and his combo. 

And what eating we did!

Holly showed us how to butcher a bunny, then put together her signature mushroom-stuffed braised rabbit, which was every bit as delicious as that picture up there would suggest.  From Thierry Rautureau, we had fried lamb meatballs resting on bite-sized stacks of watercress puree-dipped polenta cubes topped with harissa, the spicy North African condiment.

It was all just too much fun, and too much to fit into just one "Food for Thought segment." All we had time for in this one were Holly and Thierry.  Next week's will be highlights of Tom's appearance.

"Very good cooks who are employed as 'chefs' rarely refer to themselves as  'chefs.'  They refer to themselves as 'cooks.'"

-- Alton Brown