Extra Cool Jazz From Glacier Peak High — Chillin' With Steve Treseler

Feb 1, 2017

The Glacier Peak High School Jazz Band director Tad Morris has raised some talented musicians under his care, with a largely senior class combo well-equipped with skills and a deep understanding of the importance of jazz.

Asked what this music means to them, bassist Alex Sturlaugson talked about how jazz transcends race, religion and politics and connects us on a deep level. Then there was the music.

With experienced educator and thrilling sax player Steve Treseler taking the lead, we heard a swinging version of the Basie Band classic "Robbin's Nest," soulful solos through Eddie Harris' "Cold Duck Time," and a surprising and effective vocal from sax player Mairead Rising on the Jazz Messengers tune "Moanin'."

Treseler polished the group into a well-tuned engine, featuring a tight rhythm section with Sturlaugson and Luke Martin at the bass and drums, compelling trumpet work from Corban Epp on the front line with Treseler and Rising's saxophones.

The group's foundation was impressively set by the youngest member of the band, pianist Matthew Carroll, who told us the best way to work yourself into a band is by jamming. This was a jam that filled the knkx studios with smiles and applause.