Enrollment up at Washington's universities despite economy

Oct 23, 2012

About a thousand more international students are hanging out on the University of Washington's Seattle campus this fall. But university officials say that doesn't mean they have cut back on the number of in-state students at the state's most selective public university.

UW also found room for 250 more in-state freshmen. The extra tuition money UW gets from international and out-of-state students, on top of four years of double-digit tuition increases for everyone, has made this expansion possible.

Enrollment is up at half of Washington's four-year public universities this fall, with 350 more students at Washington State University's four campuses, almost 800 more students at UW's three campuses and a jump of 450 at Eastern Washington University. Enrollment is about the same or down slightly at the Evergreen State College, Central Washington University and Western Washington University.