Don't expect great buys on booze when Wash. liquor stores close

Jan 18, 2012

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington liquor stores are on their way to privatization. But don’t expect a clearance sale on the booze that’s left over when the stores close in May.

Representatives from the state Liquor Control Board gave an update Tuesday to the state lawmakers in Olympia on the privatization approved by voters.

Pat Kohler, the director of the Liquor Control Board, said that the state has negotiated a buyback program with liquor suppliers. That means most unsold alcohol will be sold back through this system. She told lawmakers beer and wine have the lowest buyback rate.

“Even though the buyback agreements are at 22%, it will have minimal impact to the consumer. We also believe, based on these buyback agreements, that there will be minimal impact to revenue through may,” Kohler said.

According to Kohler, Washington state liquor stores are still on track to closing their doors on May 31st. Starting June 1st, private sellers with licenses will be taking on the liquor business. Washington voters approved the liquor privatization law in November.

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