Boeing engineers may engage in a work slowdown, analyst says

Sep 18, 2012

An aviation analyst says some Boeing engineers and technical workers are preparing for a work slowdown amid increasingly contentious contract negotiations. The union, called SPEEA, is telling members to reject Boeing’s offer, saying the raises the company is offering are disrespectful.

Now, aerospace analyst Scott Hamilton says some SPEEA members are preparing for a work slowdown in which they work to the letter of the rules instead of doing things more efficiently. He says he doesn’t know how widespread such a slowdown will be.

"If you only have a handful, it won’t have any impact," Hamilton said. "If you wind up having hundreds in key locations, it could start to have an impact."

A Boeing spokesman says the company hasn’t noticed any kind of work slowdown. The company says its offer rewards workers for their contributions and allows the company to stay competitive as costs for health care and pensions rise.

A union spokesman says he also hadn’t heard about a work slowdown, but adds that he wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. The union will count votes on the contract on Oct. 1.