5 Things You Should Know about Seattle's Pay by Phone Parking

Nov 11, 2013


Want to pay for street parking in Seattle? There’s an app for that.

The Pay by Phone program, which launched in the downtown retail core in July, is now available citywide. The option allows you to pay via an app instead of visiting a kiosk.

But here’s are a few things you should know:

1. Includes Transaction Fee

You’ll be charged a 35-cent service fee for every transaction.

2. Not Transferrable

The fee is spot-specific; each kiosk has a unique ID number. That means you can’t transfer your payment from one spot to another.

You can use a sticker receipt to park in any public spot as long as your receipt hasn’t expired. The same is not true for the app option.

3. Pay Remotely Via App

The app lets you add more time to the meter remotely, meaning you don’t have to return to your car to do so. But be sure you haven’t maxed out the time specified for your spot. If you're in a two-hour spot, you're only allowed to park on that block for two hours.

4. Text Reminders

You can set up text reminders that will be sent to your phone alerting you that your time is about to expire.

5. Online Receipts

You can view and print parking receipts online through paybyphone.com.