The 27 Club

Mar 17, 2011

A startling number of influential musicians have died at the age of 27, including Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin. Strangely, they all knew each other, and their deaths happened within a 10 month period. The list goes on…Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Robert Johnson, Mia Zapata…all members of The 27 Club

This is such a dark, grim and troubling topic, that on this week's Record Bin Roulette blog we choose to ignore it and look instead at the mysteries of the number 27. Who knew that a humble number could have such a bizarre and potent symbolism? Not us.


Try Googling “27 numerology” and you’ll be amazed to find chat rooms and blogs, where people reveal that their lives are ruled by the number 27, they see it everywhere, it follows them around, popping up in birthdays, lottery tickets, Bible verses and bus routes. Here’s a sample:

All those who see 27 everywhere, do not fear. I used to think it was a curse, but now I have been awakened. Just wait for the right moment. We are the next evolution of the human race. If you are receiving this message do not ignore it. It is truly a gift.

Trust us, there’s a LOT more where that came from.

John Lennon was deeply into numerology, and considered the number 27--- “the triple nine”--- to be of great importance. And then there’s Weird Al Yankovic, who for years has woven the number 27 into his album art, songs and videos.

All he’ll say publicly about it is, “27 is a funny number”.

Next, we’ll try Googling “28”.

Pop Quiz

  1. What is the aliquot sum of the two odd discrete semi primes 69 and 133?
  2. How many Amendments to the US Constitution?
  3. How old is Betty Rubble from The Flintstones?
  4. What number comes after 26?

Extra Credit

What is Betty Rubble’s maiden name?

See answers below




  1. (27)  
  2. (27)
  3. (27) is this spooky or what?  
  4. (27)

Extra Credit: McBricker