voter registration

Elaine Thompson / Associated Press

Monday is the deadline to register to vote, online or by mail. But it’s also a federal holiday, so post offices are closed.

Because of that, county voter offices will accept registrations postmarked on Tuesday, Oct. 11. 

“The state law does say Oct., 10, but we’re saying ‘Come on, people,'" said David Ammons, spokesman for the Washington Secretary of State's office. "If we followed the letter of the law, those postmarks would not be available on those previous two days.”

Elaine Thompson / AP Photo

Time is running out for new voters who want to register in time for special elections on April 22. In-person registration will be accepted until the end of the day today. 

Among the biggest contests is a King County question about raising vehicle registration fees to fund bus service. If the measure doesn't pass, King County Metro will face cuts.

County officials expect about 38 percent of voters will return their ballots. 

Less than two weeks to go until Election Day, and some people are still scrambling to register for the Oct. 29 in-person deadline.