What Makes The Kids Of Congo Run?

Aug 3, 2016

Beatrice Kamuchanga, 19, a humble and soft-spoken girl from the small eastern village of Kirotshe, will represent Congo in the 5,000 meter race this August in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

But for her, running isn't just about aiming for Olympic glory. "Running gives us the energy to study even when there is not food to eat," she says. "And with God, and as a group, we can continue to succeed together."

Blisters are the bane of weekend hikers and Olympic marathoners alike. Stanford researchers say they've found a simple, cheap method to help prevent them.

That humble hero is paper surgical tape, which often costs less than a dollar and is sold at most any pharmacy.

Their study, published Monday in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, found that the paper tape reduced the instance of blisters by 40 percent.

Courtesy of Seattle Marathon Association

About 15,000 runners and walkers will wind through downtown Seattle on Sunday as part of the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon, and this year’s event will include a special contingent of runners who had expected to be racing on the other side of the country.

Evan Hoover / KPLU

"I was so distracted by all the happy people and color," says runner Sofia Jaramillo. "It didn't even feel like a run just an all around good time."

Thousands of excited runners and walkers gathered as a plain white canvas at the Seattle Center Sunday morning awaiting to enter a sea of color.

The first wave of 1,000 participants took off at approximately 8:30am followed by five more waves every five minutes for Seattle’s first Color Run.