NPR Opinion

The Nation: Jamie Dimon Finally Takes Some Heat

Jun 20, 2012

George Zornick is a Washington reporter at The Nation.

New Republic: Birth control different than Starbucks

Mar 19, 2012

Jonathan Cohn is the senior editor of The New Republic.

The controversy over contraception has faded a bit. Congressional Republicans are rethinking efforts to overturn a requirement that would make birth control coverage a mandatory part of health insurance. Rush Limbaugh has stopped talking about the issue, at least for the moment.

Foreign Policy opinion: Women on the front lines

Feb 13, 2012

Joshua E. Keating is an associate editor at Foreign Policy.

New Republic: State of the Union listening guide

Jan 24, 2012

Jonathan Bernstein blogs at A Plain Blog About Politics.

Even with the major distraction of a Republican presidential primary, tonight's State of the Union speech will guaranteed to, however briefly, capture the undivided attention of all political junkies. They're not wrong: The annual tradition does matter. And yet the conventional wisdom about the importance of the speech tends to be almost exactly backwards.