Link Light Rail

Lee LeFever / Flickr

The Washington Supreme Court has ruled the state can go ahead with plans to build light rail tracks on the Interstate 90 bridge over Lake Washington.

In a ruling Thursday, the justices agreed with a Kittitas County Superior Court judge that an agreement between the Washington Department of Transportation and Sound Transit does not violate the state constitution.

City of Tacoma

Tacoma is on the brink of more than doubling the length of its Sound Transit Link Light Rail line.

Under a plan just recommended by the Tacoma City Council, the current starter line between the Tacoma Dome and the city's downtown would extend north into the Hilltop neighborhood. 

Elaine Thompson / AP

Senator Patty Murray broke a bottle of champagne on a tunnel-boring machine near Husky Stadium to kick off work Monday on another link in the Sound Transit light-rail system.

The $2 billion, three-mile tunnel will connect the university with Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood and the downtown Westlake Center.