fire safety

Ada Be / Flkr Creative Commons

A recent deadly house fire in Centralia, which killed three children of a Washington lobbyist, had a lot of us thinking about our own families and homes and wondering if we are doing everything we can to prevent a similar tragedy. I called up Washington's Deputy Fire Marshal Lysandra Davis for some fire safety advice.

Here are her top three recommendations for surviving a fire in the home:


Inevitably, fireworks start going off in the first week of July, even before the Independence Day holiday has begun. 

They’re not just loud, says KPLU weather expert Cliff Mass, they’re dirty.

“We often see a spike at the air quality measuring stations of very small particles (of pollutants,)” Mass said.

He notes there is typically a gigantic jump in levels measured on the 4th of July later in the day.

“And some places it’s the worst air of the year,” he said.

Paula Wissel

Spending a semester abroad is often a highlight of college life. But for one University of Washington graduate, it was anything but.

Grace Flott is still dealing with scars from a tragedy she suffered while overseas. Now she’s working to help others learn from her experience.