Paula Wissel / KNKX File Photo

Cuc Vu remembers the day her mom became a U.S. citizen.

“To see her coming out of that naturalization interview — that day was one of the happiest days that I’ve ever seen her,” Vu said. 

Vu became a citizen 20 years later. Now she is the director of the Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs.

National Archives

Have you ever been a “habitual drunkard?” What about a Communist? And exactly where were you between the dates of March 23, 1933 and May 8, 1945?

If you want to become a citizen of the United States, get ready to answer these questions---and about a hundred more---on the U.S. citizenship application form, the N-400.

Paula Wissel / KNKX File Photo

For the first time, the Seattle Public Library was the venue for a naturalization ceremony.  Eighty-six people from twenty-eight countries were sworn in as American citizens.