Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Muggles Seek The Snitch At Quidditch

Aug 7, 2015
Brieana Ripley, KPLU

In 2010, a friend of Eric Andres told him that some Northern Arizona University classmates regularly got together for real-life Quidditch games. The fact that Quidditch was a fictional game played by made-up characters in Harry Potter novels wasn't lost on the college junior. 

Andres said his first thought was, "That sounds stupid-awesome." So he went to check it out. 

Courtesy of Hunters Capital

For those of you who have them, get ready to bust out your best bedazzled unitard and start practicing your triple Lutz. Capitol Hill is getting its very first ice skating rink this month – December 6 through 24.

Keith Seinfeld / KPLU

The giant digging machines that will bore twin tunnels from Husky Stadium to Seattle’s Capitol Hill are being assembled at the Port of Tacoma. They're called Tunnel Boring Machines, and they vaguely resemble Apollo-era rockets, lying on their sides. 

And with their current paint-jobs, sporting Sound Transit's green and blue colors, they might be Lego toys, inflated to a surreal scale.

Gary Davis/KPLU

Seattle City Light inspectors have discovered potentially dangerous voltage present in three streetlights, a situation under scrutiny since a dog was electrocuted Thanksgiving Day on Queen Anne. "Sammy" was on a walk with his owner when he stepped on a metal plate cover at the base of a streetlight on Queen Anne Avenue. 

The lights have been shut off to the three lights until repairs can be made.