Xbox Kinect sales hit 10 million, setting Guinness World Record

Mar 10, 2011

Microsoft's Xbox is breaking records in the gaming world. The company says it has already sold 10 million of its newfangled motion-controller device, the Kinect, since the product launched in November.

That's a world record.

According to the Guinness site these sales are even faster than the iPhone or the iPad.

Microsoft says during its first three months on the market, the Kinect sold at a pace of, on average, more than 130,000 per day.

Its record with the Guinness World Book of Records is not just spin.

These are impressive numbers and Microsoft deserves to tout those and brag about them," says analyst Rob Sanfilippo.

He's with the independent research analysis firm, Directions on Microsoft. He says the sales in and of themselves are important evidence that the software giant is not just a legacy company. It has an invention that people want and can't get from anyone else. To use the Kinect, you have to also have the company's Xbox system.

"You just stand in front of the Kinect and it uses cameras and lasers and infrared sensors to detect your motions.  It can be used within a bunch of different types of games,"Sanfilippo, explains. 

The Kinect device can also respond to voice commands. And unlike Nintendo's Wii, you don't have to hold anything in your hand.

Sanfilippo says hard-core gamers might be disappointed with the selection of games currently available. But people who just want a casual gaming experience can have a lot of fun with it. He says watch out if you're a very physical person ... sometimes it brings out the aggressions in people who are used to harder-core gaming.